Etthina Bhuja Pre-Winter Trek

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Ettina buja One day outing, Corporate Outing
  • Monday to Thursday only Group bookings are acceptable  Minimum is 10 Trekkers.
  • All Dates are consideration of 9:00PM onwards
  • Ex : Saturday sunrise – Friday Date 
  • Sunday sunrise – Saturday date 


Embark on the exhilarating Etthina Bhuja Pre-Winter Trek, renowned for its challenging terrain and stunning vistas! Ettina Bhuja, also known as Etthina Bhuja, is a prominent peak in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, India. The trek to Ettina Bhuja is renowned for its challenging terrain and breathtaking views. The trail takes trekkers through dense forests, steep ascents, and grassy meadows. The peak offers panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscape. Adventurers often embark on this trek to experience the thrill of summiting a distinctive mountain and enjoy the natural beauty of the Western Ghats. To undertake this trek, it’s advisable to gather recent information from local sources, trekking agencies, and online communities, ensuring proper preparation and adherence to safety guidelines.

Etthina Bhuja Pre-Winter Trek: Essential Information

  • Slots for the trip: Usually between 50-100
  • Distance: Around 275 kms from Bengaluru
  • Starting time: Friday/Saturday night at 9 PM approx
  • Ending time: Saturday/Sunday afternoon around 9.30 PM approx
  • Stay: Only For Fresh-up
  • Trek difficulty: Easy- Challenging
  • Duration of the Trip: 1 Night
  • Trek Distance: 4 km (up & down) Approximate
  • It’s a Beginner Friendly
  • Trail Type: Grasslands, Thick Forests, Ever-Flowing streams, and steep inclinations.NOTE – Choose Today’s date in our website for tomorrow morning sunrise.
    For Example – Choose Friday date for Saturday morning Sunrise OR Choose Saturday date for Sunday morning Sunrise.


  • 09:00 PM : Pick up starts from Bangalore
  • 02:00 AM : Those who have chosen  your own mode of transport has to reach by the time.
  • 02:30 AM : Reach Ettina Bhuja base
  • 03:00 AM : Start the hike to peak of Ettina Bhuja
  • 05:30 AM : Finish the hike, relax
  • 06:30 AM : Relax until sunrise
  • 07:00 AM : Descend towards the base
  • 09:00 AM : Head to the nearby Homestay. Freshen up & have breakfast
  • 10:30 AM : Head Towards Bettada Byraveshwara Temple
  • 11:30 AM  : Visit the Star fort which known as Manjarabad Fort
  • 01:00 PM : Head to the nearby Restaurants. Freshen up & have Lunch
  • 02:30 PM : Head Towards Abbi Falls
  • 03:30 PM : Head back to Bangalore
  • 10:30 PM : Reach Bangalore

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What is the Ettina Bhuja trek, and where is it located?

The Ettina Bhuja trek is a challenging trek in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, India, known for its stunning landscapes. It is located near the town of Mudigere in the Chikmagalur district.

How difficult is the Ettina Bhuja trek, and is it suitable for beginners?

The Ettina Bhuja trek is considered a challenging trek, primarily due to its steep and rocky terrain. It is recommended for experienced trekkers and may not be suitable for beginners.

What is the best time to undertake the Ettina Bhuja trek?

The ideal time for the Ettina Bhuja trek is during the post-monsoon season, from September to February, when the weather is relatively cool and the landscapes are lush green.

How do I reach the base camp for the Ettina Bhuja trek?

The trek usually starts from the village of Donigal. You can reach Donigal by road from major cities in Karnataka. The nearest railway station is in Kadur, and the nearest airport is Mangalore.

Are there camping opportunities during the Ettina Bhuja trek?

Yes, camping is a part of the Ettina Bhuja trek experience. Trekkers typically camp at the foothills of Ettina Bhuja, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Western Ghats.

What should I pack for the Ettina Bhuja trek?

Pack essentials such as trekking shoes, comfortable clothing, a backpack, water bottles, snacks, a first aid kit, and a sleeping bag if you plan to camp. Be prepared for changing weather conditions.

Is a guide necessary for the Ettina Bhuja trek?

While experienced trekkers may choose to trek independently, it is advisable to hire a local guide who is familiar with the terrain to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

What permits or permissions are required for the trek?

Check with local authorities or trek organizers for any required permits. It’s essential to respect local regulations and obtain necessary permissions before undertaking the trek.

Are there water sources along the Ettina Bhuja trek route?

While there may be natural water sources, it’s advisable to carry an ample supply of water, especially during the trek. Confirm water availability with your guide or local authorities.

Is there mobile network connectivity during the Ettina Bhuja trek?

Mobile network connectivity may be limited or absent in certain parts of the trek, so inform someone about your itinerary beforehand. It’s wise to be prepared for communication challenges during the trek.


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