Two Day Treks

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Best places to explore – 2 day treks from Bangalore

A 2 days trip from Bangalore gives you a number of amazing weekend getaways to choose from. Choose from Kodachadri Trek in Shivamogga, Kumaraparvatha Trek and Tadiandmol Trek in the serene Coorg or Kudremukha Trek, Ballalaryana Durga & Bandaje Falls Trek, Nethravathi Trek, Mullayangiri Trek and Ettinabuja Trek in the misty mountains of Chikmagalur.


Kodachadri Trek – next weekend destination

Kodachadri Trek is a 2 days trip from Bangalore in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. A great option for weekend getaways from Bangalore, Kodachadri trek begins in the morning through the forests, covers Hidlumane Falls to the Kodachadri Peak and a magnificent sunrise view. The landscape includes lush tropical forests, cool streams, waterfalls and big boulders for you to tackle and is roughly a 20 km trek, hence not very beginner friendly.

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Trekking in Coorg – weekend trips near me

Coorg weekend getaways are the most relaxing trip you can choose for your trekking outings in Bangalore. Plan 2 days trekking near Bangalore to Kumaraparvatha or Pushpagiri (1,700 meters- 22 km) and Tadiandmol mountains (1740 meters- 6 km) in the serene landscape of Coorg. A moderate to difficult trek, you need to be well prepared for this one. Trek to see the Abbey Falls, Raja’s seat, Namdroling Monastery, Iruppu Falls, night camping and trekking on rocky cliffs and climbing the first and second highest peaks of Coorg, also called the Scotland of India.


Explore waterfalls and night treks in Chikmagalur – Trekking near Bangalore

Experience the best of Karnataka tourism by trekking the best mountain peaks of Kudremukha, Nethravathi, Mullayangiri and Ettinabuja. You can also explore the Ballalaryana Durga & Bandaje Falls Trek, in the misty mountains of Chikmagalur.

– Kudremukha (6,270 ft) or the face of a horse in Kannada derives its name for this unique shape, deep in the heart of the second largest wildlife protected Kudremukh National Park. Third highest peak in Karnataka, you can experience its beauty by trekking it hands on.

– Nethravathi (1,520 meters) mountain falls under the Western Ghats, an important UNESCO World Heritage Site. A route or tall trees sheltering you through the dense forest and clear streams

– Mullayangiri (1,930 meters) is a part of Taluk’s Baba Budangiri Hill, a Sufi saint Baba Budangiri revered by pilgrims of all faiths in Chikmagalur. Named after the tomb of Saint Mulappa Swamy, which trekkers can find after a 10 km trek to the summit.

– Ettina Buja (4,265 feet) stretches from Kottigehara to Charmadi of Chikmagalur. The entire belt has a series of mountains to trek and is also known as Shishila Gudda trek. Its unique Ox’s hump shape gave it the name of Ettina Buja.


– Ballalaryana Durga & Bandaje Falls Trek (1,000 ft) is a combination of two beautiful treks and mystical waterfalls. Ballalaryana Durga trek holds a 17th c Fort nestled at the peak with a waterfall falling from the snout to a depth of 1,000 ft is majestic to watch. From Ballalaryana Durga, you can trek to Bandaje falls for 3.8 km, through the wind tunnel in the open grassland, during monsoons it is tough to handle this part of the trek to the falls.


3 Days trip from Bangalore – trek waterfalls and beaches

If you have 3 days time in hand, the best places to visit in Bangalore are Dandeli and Dhudsagar waterfalls trek or Gokarna beach trek and night camping. The perfect combination for a new kind of adventure and romantic experience. If you are someone who loves a beach camp idea and really wants to dive deep in the cool waterfalls, these treks will leave you baffled and desiring for more.

River rafting in Dandeli and Dhudsagar waterfalls trekking near Bangalore

Go wild in Dandeli & Dudhsagar, Dandeli town proudly inhabits Elephants, Black Panthers, Monkeys, migrating exotic birds and many species of flora and fauna in the Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Dandeli provides the best trekking places to visit in Bangalore with unnerving thrilling water sports and adventurous trekking. The jungle camping and night campfire adds on to your travel experiences, the Kavala caves welcome you to the serenity of the Dandeli. Dandeli is known for its cascading effect from the four-tiered waterfalls located in Mandovi River. Monsoons are the best time to explore the waterfalls, a dip here and you will never want to return to the city, some amazing places to visit in Bangalore for sure.

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Gokarna beach trekking and camping – adventure trip from Bangalore

Namma Trip will take you along for a trip from Bangalore to what is known as the ‘Tourist Paradise’ or the ‘Temple Town’. The long stretch of untouched white silk-sand of Gokarna Beach is every photographer’s dream. Walking on the moonlit sand and camping in the nights, hearing the sea waves is soothing and picturesque. Its romanticism is appealing to most tourists and considered as one of the best places to visit in Bangalore for newlyweds and couples. It is equally welcoming to families looking for relaxing beach sunbathing, water sport enthusiasts and trekkers.