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10 Scenic One-Day Trips from Bangalore You Can’t Miss

If you enjoy seeing new places and want to arrange a Thrilling weekend getaway, you have come to the correct spot. Your weekend won’t ever be a waste because we’ll give you the top One day trips close to Bangalore. If you’re feeling worn out after a hectic week, keep reading because we’ll tell you more about the 10 scenic One day trips from Bangalore that you just must not miss.

We used to get confused and abandon our one-day plans anytime we discussed them. However, this time, we are here to support you. as there are many must-visit places from Bangalore that will allow you to have fun and prepare for more hectic weeks.

Why are you holding out? Let’s start by giving you some unique and exciting places to make your day amazing.

Here are, 10 Scenic One-Day Trips from Bangalore You Can’t Miss

There are a number of scenic locations within a short drive if you’re seeking an escape from Bangalore’s hectic city life.

Bangalore, sometimes referred to as the “Garden City” of India, is a bustling city offering a variety of one-day trip locations in addition to its metropolitan appeal. Bangalore has everything you might want, whether you’re looking for historical sites, beautiful surroundings, or cultural events.

Hill stations near Bangalore for one day trip

Near Bangalore, there are a number of hill stations that are great for One day trips. These hill stations, with their temperate atmosphere, luscious foliage, and panoramic vistas, provide a welcome respite from the bustle of the metropolis.

  • One day trip to Nandi Hills:

One day trip to the Nandi Hills, which are close to Bangalore, promises to be a restorative experience amidst stunning scenery. Nandi Hills, a well-known hill station that provides a fantastic retreat from the metropolitan commotion, is just around 60 km from the metropolis.

  • One day trip to Yelagiri:

Yelagiri is a One day trip from Bangalore that guarantees a tranquil and calming experience in the midst of nature. Yelagiri, a lovely hill station noted for its stunning scenery and peaceful atmosphere, located around 160 km from Bangalore. Punganur Lake, a well-known sight in Yelagiri, is a tranquil place to begin the day.

  • One day trip to Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta:

One day Trip  to Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta, a smaller hill station that offers a peaceful retreat from the bustle of the city is Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta, which is situated around 60 km from the city.

  • One day trip to Skandagiri: About 70 km from Bangalore, Skandagiri is well-known for its captivating dawn vistas and nighttime hiking adventures. Its attractiveness is enhanced by the hill fort’s old ruins.

Mysore one day trip.

A one-day trip from Bangalore to Mysore offers the chance to discover a city full of historical, cultural, and architectural wonders. It is around 150 km away, and offers the ideal combination of regal history and old-world elegance.

  • Mysore Palace: Visit the renowned Mysore Palace first thing in the morning to experience the elegance of an earlier era via breathtaking architecture.
  • Chamundi Hills: Continue your journey by stopping at more noteworthy sights including the Chamundi Hills, which is renowned for its old temple and sweeping city views.

A day journey from Bangalore to Mysore provides an insight into the city’s rich past, cultural gems, and delectable gastronomic treats, making it an unforgettable experience for everyone.

 One day trip from Bangalore by car.

From Bangalore, a one day trip by car brings you a world of travel and adventure opportunities. You may set off on a fantastic adventure because there are a number of fascinating locations within easy driving distance. Here are several possibilities:

  • Shivanasamudra: A one-day trip from Bangalore to Shivanasamudra promises a relaxing escape among the wonders of nature and magnificent waterfalls. Shivanasamudra, which is around 135 kilometers from Bangalore, is a well-liked tourist site noted for its beautiful waterfalls created by the River Cauvery.
  • Bheemeshwari: It is around 100 km from Bangalore, is a tranquil place renowned for its verdant woods, attractive riverbanks, and an abundance of animals. You may even try your hand at zip-lining or trekking if you’re an adventure fanatic.
  • Nrityagram: It is an unique performing hamlet committed to conserving and developing traditional Indian dance styles. It is situated around 30 km from Bangalore.
  • Hogenakkal: You may also plan a one-day road trip to Hogenakkal, which is around 180 km from Bangalore and sometimes described as the “Niagara of India.” You get a look at the native way of life as you travel across rural Tamil Nadu.
  • Anthargange: It is a sanctuary for adventure seekers and is situated around 70 km from Bangalore. Explore the historic cave formations, do rock climbing, and take in the breathtaking views of the dawn or sunset from the summit.

Conclusion: These ten one-day adventurous Locations from Bangalore provide a variety of experiences, from stunning hill towns to interesting historical places and challenging terrain. To refresh your senses and make lasting memories, take a vacation from the city and go on one of these amazing adventures.

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