Travel guide to Hampi

A Complete Hampi Travel Guide

Travel Guide to Hampi:

Hampi is a UNESCO world heritage site which could quickly pull you towards itself. The place has everything in order to fulfill your vacation and offers you a memorable holiday in Hampi with a travel guide. It has a story of a lost kingdom which is unique and worth knowing. Hampi is a mythological and historical city situated in Karnataka. You may find various historical and mythological stories which are accurate to the best of the archaeological knowledge. The place is also known as Kiskinda Kshetra and Pampa Kshetra. All the stories of Hampi are related and linked to Hindu mythology. It is interesting and exciting to understand why the city is known as the Pampal Kshetra. Pampa, Lord Brahma’s daughter, was a devotee of Lord Shiva. She pleased her lord, and the lord asked her for her wishes to be fulfilled by him.

Further, Lord Shiva also wanted to grant her a boon for her devotion. Therefore, the Pampa wished to marry Lord Shiva. However, before marrying her, Lord Shiva came to Hemakuta Hills for penance as he was already married to Paravati. Explore this devotional place with Travel Guide to Hampi.

Why is Hampi Famous? 

Hampi is a perfect place for vacations. It is more likely to be an open museum for new tourists visiting or exploring this place for the first time. It is charismatic and ruined due to historical repercussions. 

Let us see the places you may visit which Hampi is famous for: Hampi Travel Guide

Virupaksha Temple: Hampi Travel Guide 

The Virupaksha Temple is the heart of Hampi. Located on the Southern banks of the river of Tungabhadra, the Visrupksha temple is a perfect place to take the blessing of gods and goddesses. The Virupaksha temple is a crucial spot for worshiping. You may find multiple worshippers of Lord Shiva at Virupaksha temple. You may notice exciting engineering marvels inside and outside the temple. 

The Vijaya Vittala Temple 

As stated earlier, the travel guide to Hampi is full of stories from Hindu mythology. Hence, you may expect several temples in the city. The Vijaya Vittala temple is one of them. It is also known as the wonder of Hampi due to its extravagant architecture. You may find various halls inside the temple. Outside the complex of the temple, you may find other ruins which state about the historical moments. It is believed that Lord Vishnu also worshiped in the temple. 

Hampi Bazaar 

You may also find a vast market in Hampi. The market is known as the Hampi bazaar, where you can purchase different things. The Bazar is famous amongst tourists as the tourists who visit Hampi generally come to the Bazaar and buy items to collect good memories. 

Best Time to Visit Hampi 

You may visit Hampi by referring the Hampi travel guide throughout the year. However, the winter season is the preferable time to visit Hampi. Further, you may also visit the Hampi during the month of November in order to enjoy the Hampi festival with your families and friends.

Namma Trip 

If you wish to visit the Hampi or plan to enjoy your vacation at the best place in the county, you must contact the Namma trip. The Namma trip is an ideal choice to make the bookings for your holiday in a reasonable time.

 Travel Guide To Hampi Conclusion 

Hampi is an excellent place for a long and short vacation. You may see the architectural structure of various historical monuments and visit several temples in order to take the blessings of gods and goddesses. Hence, you must visit Hampi once.

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