Bandaje Falls Trek

Go on Combined Adventure Trip At Ballalarayana Durga and Bandaje Falls Trek

Adventure Trip At Ballalarayana Durga & Bandaje Falls Trek

How would you feel when you get a combined adventure trip once at a time? Of course, you feel pleased with getting the opportunity of hiking through the charming mountains of the Western Ghats. Bandaje Falls Trek combines two treks- Ballalarayana Durga and Bandaje Arbi Falls Trek. Many people don’t know that they can travel all the way to Bandaje waterfalls to reach the Ballalarayana Durga trek. If you’re a history enthusiast with a nature lover, you definitely love this combined trip.

 Ballalarayana Durga is a hidden fort on the top of a dense forest in the Western Ghats which stands with crumbling walls as a distant reminder of the past glory, built by the Hoysala Empire in the 12th century. Ballalarayana Durga trek sits in Chikmagalur, located in the Western Ghats of Karnataka, just 280 kilometers away from Bangalore. Chikmagalur is famous for its coffee plantations and lush greenery, and the trek serves a unique flavor to its landscape.

 Ballalarayana Durga offers a gushing waterfall in the end along with that abandoned fort on its peak. You feel amazed by seeing water falling from the snout to almost 1,000 feet below is a sight that speeds up your heart racing!

Because of their view, the Ballarayana Durga and Bandaje Falls trek is a must visit.

Go on Combined Adventure Trip: accelerate your adventure attitude by offering the ruin of isolated and secluded Waterfalls. The mysterious aura, the Historical Monument and the beauty of the waterfalls are the main charms of this place. The surreal sight captures the attention of everyone and you want to go there once more.

Things to do at Bandaje Falls Trek

Roam around Ballalarayana Durga Fort

When you travel to Ballalarayana Durga and Bandaje Falls Trek, you must visit the ruined fort. This fort has only a small portion of the outer wall remaining, there is nothing left to see inside but the view of the surrounding area is so vibrant. You can wander around, click photos or spend a little time with nature.

The uphill trek offers a medium complexity trek under the woods and in an open area. You’ll get a few streams there where you can refill your water bottle.

Watch Bandaje Falls

You can go to Bandaje falls from the fort and enjoy the beautiful view of the falls from the top and the scenic valley below. However, uphill can be exhausting but still, you’ll manage the panoramic view and it is worth seeing. Invest your generous time and also soak up your feet with chilled flowing water to feel rejuvenated.


Ballarayana Durga and Bandaje Falls Trek are the best spots for photography. The entire trail from the fort to the waterfall is situated on a rolling hill and that provides you with an opportunity for abundant photography and to show them to your near and dear ones once you go back home or upload them on your social media handles. So, don’t forget to carry a good camera, even your nice smartphone is enough to capture the scenic view of the trail.

Namma Trip 

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(Go on Combined Adventure Trip At Ballalarayana Durga and Bandaje Falls Trek)

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