Kumara Parvatha Trek

Enjoy Kumara Parvatha Trek , the most Challenging one of the Western Ghats

Kumara Parvatha Trek:

Kumara parvatha trek is one of the best tourist places in the western Ghat of Karnataka. The place is among the most visited tourist places in Karnataka. There is a temple known as Kukke Subrahmanya situated at the foothills. The trek is replete with lots of history, which can be discussed as it holds a lot of importance for the nearby locals. It is believed that all visitors’ wishes get fulfilled by whoever visits the temple. Therefore, people from the north and south and all over India visit the temple in order to get their wishes fulfilled by God. Consequently, you will always find the temple occupied while visiting the temple.

Things to watch in Kumara Parvatha Trek 

Forest trail 

You may start the Kumara parvatha trek by entering the thick forest comprising tall trees that can block the sunlight. The forest is dark as the trees intercept the sunlight from coming to the ground. However, it is not absolutely dark as little sunlight comes by penetrating the leave of the trees. You may catch the natural beauty of the forest by entering and beginning your journey to Kumara parvatha trek. The beauty of nature will delight you and gives you a good vibe. 

The Thrilling and Breathtaking sight of the Western Ghats 

One must do the Kumara parvatha trek to view the western ghat, which is hidden at the top of the hill. You may enjoy the preserved secret of nature by confirming your Kumara Parvatha booking. The views of the Western Ghat are included in the kumara Parvatha trek package, which makes your trip memorable.

Grassland of Kumara Parvatha Trek 

The grassland of is a treat to watch. It does not matter if you trek during the monsoon or winter season. The sight of This will treat your eyes positively. You may visit the grassland soon after paying your visit to the forest, which comes first to tour. You may find the grassland in either golden brown or lush green. It offers different scenery in every season. You will find different colors in the monsoon and winter. The grassland is vast, and it takes time to complete the tour.


Listed below are the things to keep in mind while confirming Kumara parvatha booking.

Difficulty level 

The level of difficulty is strenuous or challenging. However, you are not prohibited from enjoying trekking Kumara parvatha if you have never done trekking or held little experience. Nevertheless, you must be fit enough and have good stamina to enjoy trekking. In addition, if you are unfit and have mild symptoms, it is advisable not to visit the Kumara parvatha trek.

Trek length 

The total length of the Kumara parvatha trek is 28 km. Hence, it will take at least two days to complete your trekking. Further, it is one-way trekking, so you must take the same route while going and coming.


The height of the Kumara Parvatha hill is 1714 meters long. You must be at least ten years old to do the trekking.

Kumara Parvatha Trek Package by the Namma Trip 

The Namma trip is famous for making your journey memorable and unforgettable. It makes all arrangements for this trek Coorg package and provides you with all the essential commodities you may require during your trip. You may avail the packages at a reasonable price and enjoy your trip with the support and guidance of the Namma trip. Hence, approach the Namma trip as your guide to make your vacation successful and impressive. 


Kumara parvatha is one of the most challenging treks in the western ghat. It gives you a breathtaking experience as you begin your journey in a dark forest where you may hardly find sunlight coming from the leaves of the trees. Later the grassland experience is a treat to your eyes since it changes during the seasons. You must visit the trek during monsoon and winter to enjoy it at the most significant level.

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