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Exclusive Guide to Visiting Kodachadri Trek

Do you wish to enjoy a memorable trip at 1300 meters? Then, Kodachadri trek will be the right choice if you dare to enjoy an incredible journey. Situated in Shimoga district, you may uncover Kodhachari hills in the soul of Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. Kodachadri trekking will take you to experience the beauty of villages, forests, grassland, and waterfalls, compelling you to enjoy and enhance your enjoyment at another level. 

Let’s explore more about Kodachadri Trek.

Places to visit on the Kodachadri trek trip 

You may find various spots to travel in Kodachadri hills to make your trip unforgettable. This trekking is a home of beautiful places you must visit once in your life. So let’s explore the places to visit. 

The Kodachadri trip is a different one as you may explore the greenery. The grassland of the Kodachadri trek with the Shola forest is situated at 5,736 feet in height. There is lush greenery at the height. As far as you can see, you will only view grasslands and greenery at Kodachadri peak. The shades of foliage vary from one spot to another. You will find three shades of vegetation: Parakeet, Emerald and Pine. Further, when the cloud gets added to the mist, it will be a thrill you would experience at the height of 5,736 feet. 

Waterfall experience

There is a Hidlumane waterfall in Kodachadri hills. It is a combination of seven waterfalls. Further, the scenery you will see above your height is something else you can hardly experience on any other trek. Finally, you will find the cold water falling down from the hill. You might not take a dip, but one thing you can try is to put your feet inside and experience the coldness of the water. 

Kodachadri Temple Trek

Kodachadri hills are not solely dedicated to tourists who wish to experience waterfalls, greenery etc. The place is equally fundamental for the pilgrims who come yearly to worship. The temple is situated at the Kodachadri peak. It is believed that the Mookambika, the Goddess, combated and obliterated the demon Mookasura and his army. It is also believed that Adi Shankara visited Kodachadri peak and started meditation during the 7th AD.

You may find fog and mist on Kodachadri peak trek during the morning and the evening. 

Things to remember before visiting Kodachadri hills trek 

  • Intoxicating products: You won’t find alcohol or similar items in Kodachadri trek packages. Alcohol and other intoxicating effects cannot be carried during Kodachadri trekking. 
  • Age group: The thrilling activities you will do during Kodachadri trekking will come under age limitations. Only people above 15 years may perform the exercises. 
  • Government guidelines: The government has established various guidelines. One such guideline is social distancing, which must be maintained during the Kodachadri trip. 

How does Namma Trip help? 

Let’s discuss how the Namma trip could become a perfect guide and how well you may utilize the Kodachadri trekking package.

The Namma Trip could be your perfect guide to enhance your experience and make your journey memorable. You may approach Namma Trip and utilize Kodachadri Trek Package at the utmost level. Namma trip comes under your budget. From the initial stage to the conclusion of your journey, the Namma trip takes care of everything. The Namma trip makes your Kodachadri Trek booking simple and straightforward and eases your load by giving incredible guidance. Hence, your Kodachadri trip plan could be successful if you approach the Namma trip and enjoy the services it provides to its customers.


Kodachadri trekking is one of the most fantastic trips in this world. As a tourist, you get everything you wish to have on a trip. The vibe of Kodachadri temple gives you another reason to travel to this place again. The Kodachadri temple is a family-oriented place, as you can find the majority of pilgrims coming with families. The journey to Kodachadri hills will be notable if you visit this place with your friends or family. Therefore, visit this place once in your life to experience the fun you will remember. 

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