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Hey travel-acholic! Are you someone who enjoys water sports and wants to see some of the most tranquil waters? So you’re in the proper spot. Let’s discover some of the prestigious tranquil waters at a kayaking spot near Bangalore with the unwinding breeze, ways to explore, and ways to observe some of the nicest lakes.

What could be superior to planning a trip with our loved ones to a kayaking location close to Bangalore to take a break from our hectic lives? The world’s most picturesque waterways and lakes encircle Bangalore, luring you to plunge into the chilly water and splash around to your heart’s content. Today in this blog we are going to Explore the Serene Waters: The Best Calm Kayaking Destinations Near Bangalore.

Why Kayaking Is The Perfect Destination

Kayaking offers a special way to be in touch with nature while having an exhilarating journey thanks to its tranquil seas and picturesque surroundings. Kayaking offers a special combination of peace, calm, physical fitness, mental well-being, discovery, and exhilarating encounters on peaceful waters, making it the ideal activity for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking adventure.

Best Places for Beginner Kayaking in Bangalore:

Manchanabele Dam: About 40 kilometers from Bangalore, Manchanabele Dam is a well-liked vacation spot for kayakers. Beginners can perfect their kayaking techniques in the reservoir’s quiet waters while taking in the natural beauty of the surrounding hills.

Savandurga: This location offers a serene kayaking experience and is located at the foot of the Savandurga hills. It is the ideal location for novices due to the pure waters of the Arkavathi River running through the beautiful surroundings. To add a bit of history to your kayaking excursion, you may also explore the historic Savandurga Fort nearby.


Ramanagara: Ramanagara is a haven for nature lovers and kayaking enthusiasts and is renowned for its breathtaking rock formations and lovely lakes. Beginners can enjoy the stunning views of the treacherous terrain while paddling around the lakes’ tranquil waters. It’s a great option for a day trip from Bangalore because of the tranquil atmosphere and convenient location.

Beginner Kayaking Courses in Bangalore:

If you’re relatively unfamiliar to kayaking and desire to acquire how to paddle before traipsing out on yourself, there are plenty of kayaking courses available in Bangalore. These lessons are intended to instruct novice kayakers in the essential skills of paddling, balance, and safety. Before starting your kayaking trips, you should take advantage of the beginner-friendly kayaking classes offered by certain reputable institutions and adventure groups in Bangalore. This will give you the confidence and expertise you need.

Kayaking 3 Safety Tips for Beginners in Bangalore:

No matter how good you are at swimming, it is imperative to wear a properly fitting life jacket while kayaking. It guarantees your security and offers support in the event of unanticipated events.

Keep hydrated: Kayaking can be physically taxing, so bring enough water with you on your excursion to keep yourself hydrated.

Check the weather: Prior setting out, verify the outlook for the day. Avoid kayaking in hurricanes, torrential rain or strong winds. It’s essential to put your safety first and pick calm weather for a relaxing kayaking session.

Benefits of Kayaking for Beginners in Bangalore:

For beginners in Bangalore, kayaking has a lot of positive aspects besides the thrill and adventure. Some of the key advantages include:

Fitness and physical well-being: Kayaking works your upper body muscles, boosts the condition of your cardiovascular system and strengthens your core. It gives you a total-body workout while you relax by the water.

Mental health: Kayaking can help you improve your psychological well-being by allowing you to connect with the natural world and take in the tranquil surroundings. It fosters meditation and encourages mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Fun and discovery: Learning to kayak enables beginners to travel to new locations, find undiscovered treasures, and feel the rush of paddling over calm seas. Your excursions outdoors gain a sense of adventure and novelty from it.

How to Choose a Beginner Kayaking Route in Bangalore:

The following elements should be taken into account when picking a beginner’s kayaking route:

Relax waters: Choose for water bodies, reservoirs that hold water or sluggish rivers with waters that are tranquil. Till you have more experience, stay away from locations with strong currents and difficult rapids.

Pace and time frame: Pick a route that fits your level of fitness and available time. Start at lesser distances and progressively extend the time as your experience and endurance improve.

Scenic splendor: Seek out paths that offer beautiful scenery and the outdoors. Your kayaking experience will be improved, and the trip will be more enjoyable as a whole.

Easy access: Take into account how close Bangalore is to the kayaking destination. Look for locations that are simple to reach and don’t demand a lot of travel time.

What to Wear for Beginner Kayaking in Bangalore:

Wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothing that dries quickly for your comfort. To stay comfortable during the kayaking excursion, choose breathable materials like nylon or polyester.

Footwear: Select closed-toe sandals or waterproof footwear with adequate grip that safeguard the bottoms of your feet while maintaining equilibrium and getting in and out of the kayak. Avoid engaging in the activity while wearing sandals or switches that might come off.

Sun protection: Cover up with a hat or cap to block out the sun and defend your face from UV radiation. To prevent sunburned skin apply sunscreen onto exposed skin areas.

Eye protection: To lessen glare from the water and protect your eyes, think about using sunglasses with polarized lenses.

Waterproof accessories: Carry a dry bag or waterproof pouch to keep your personal belongings, such as your phone, wallet, and keys, safe and dry during the kayaking trip.

Wrapping Up

Beginner kayakers can choose from a variety of peaceful kayaking locations in Bangalore and the nearby areas. No matter which location you pick—Manchanabele Dam, Savandurga, or Ramanagara—you’ll be rewarded to breath-taking scenery and calm waters ideal for kayaking. Don’t forget to sign up for a beginner kayaking course to gain the necessary skills and safety precautions. Kayaking close to Bangalore promises to be an educational and unforgettable experience with the required safety measures, appropriate clothing, and a sense of adventure. Start your kayaking adventure now to discover the calm waterways and take in the splendor of nature

Plan your trip to Kayaking Destination and spellbound your heart! Happy vacation!