Top 10 Sunrise Trek in Bangalore

Top 10 Sunrise Treks in Bangalore

Top 10 Sunrise Treks in Bangalore :

Sunrise Trek Bangalore : Uttari Betta

Top 10 Sunrise Trek in Bangalore

Top 10 Sunrise Treks in Bangalore – Uttari Betta is one of the best to trek. This sunrise trek Bangalore is 5 km long, spread around green grasses and landscape. One may capture the beautiful scenery on this sunrise trek. The sunrise trek Bangalore begins from the village, where the tourists enter through seven stone doors to complete the first half of the hike. Afterwards, tourists may see the Shankeshwar temple at the top of the hill. The scenery and the sight from the temple are beautiful enough to freeze you for a moment. You will not believe your eyes after seeing the view from the top of the hill in this sunrise trek Bangalore. 

Channarayana Durga 

Channarayana Durga is a hill situated near Tumkur for sunsrise trek Bangalore. It is considered a perfect sunrise trek which includes climbing rocks. Rock climbing makes the trek adventurous. The height of the trek is more than 1000 meters. The hill fort was built by the Kings of Madhugiri, and it was later passed to Marathas. The hill fort was responsible for the dispute between the Marathas and Mysore Wodeyars. The Channarayana Durga trek is easy to moderate in order to complete it. The trek starts with a village which takes you to the end of the trek. However, the trek can be tiring for an individual as you may rarely find any tree to have shade. 

Kunti betta 

Top 10 Sunrise Trek in Bangalore

Kunti betta is also known as Pandavapura. It is believed that the Pandav, along with their mother Kunti, spent 14 years in exile at the Pandavapura. This is why the place is known as Kuntibetta and Pandavapura. It is hard not to notice the Kunti Betta trek from 10 to 15 km away from the sunrise trek. The Kuntibetta trek is 150 meters in height, and you may see various things from the top of the trek. You may also find a temple at the base of the trek. The tourists come to the Kunti betta trek every year with their families. The trek has its own importance among Indians.

Kabbala Durga

Top 10 sunrise trek in Bangalore

KabbalaDurga is a perfect place to spend vacations. The top of the trek is a home for Goddess Kabbalamma. You may find a temple at the peak of the hill. The sunrise trek is a treat to watch. Further, a new trekker may also embark on this trekking. The difficulty level is easy to moderate, and there is a set pattern which you require to follow in order to complete the trekking. The fort is not in a condition, but the temple situated at the top is still visited by various villagers on a daily basis. Therefore, you may also consider visiting the temple and taking blessings of Goddess Kabbalamma.

Makali Durga

Top 10 Sunrise Trek in Bangalore

Makali Durga is a beautiful spot to visit. It is also known as Gunjur Hill, and tourists consider it one of the best weekend places. The Makali Durga trekking gives you fun and a thrill in your experience. However, the sunrise trek is relatively easy. A new trekker may also come and enjoy the Makali Durga trekking. You are required to have a one km walk where you will pass some cottages and temples in the MakaliDurga sunrise trek. Nevertheless, you might consider it hard trekking at the beginning of the MakaliDurga sunrise trek. But when you are on it, you will enjoy it, and it won’t seem complicated to you anymore. 

Skandagiri Sunrise Trek 

Top 10 Sunrise Trek in Bangalore

The Skandagiri sunrise trek is situated in Chikkaballapur, Bangalore. The place is historically known as Kalavara Durga. The Skandagiri sunrise trek might be tiring if you visit it for the first time. Still, it is considered a rewarding trek since it takes you on a spectacular journey, and you can see various unknown facts about this sunrise trek. You may start the trek at 11 PM and reach the base point. Then, you may begin your night trek from the base point and see the sunrise by morning. It is one of the most exciting treks you must not avoid if you’re on a tour of Bangalore. 

Ramanagara Sunrise Trek 

Top 10 Sunrise Trek in Bangalore

Ramanagara is a perfect spot to spend the weekend. It is the birthplace of rock climbing. Tourists occasionally come to this sunrise trek to enjoy the stone climbing, trekking, and rappelling. However, climbing is not the only significance of this place. The hill is famous for several other factors. One such factor is the blockbuster movie Sholay. The shooting of the entire film was shot around the Ramanagara sunrise trek. In addition, the tour later became one of the most predominant places for shooting Hindi movies. You may also notice Indian bears and leopards, which are Ramanagara trekking.

Narayangiri Sunrise Trek 

Top 10 Sunrise Trek in Bangalore

Narayangiri sunrise is a one-day trek located 60km away from Bangalore. The sunrise trek is the home of the Laxmi Narayan temple and numerous caves at the height of 3800 feet. Narayangiri trek is quite mysterious and an ancient one. However, it is a perfect getaway for the weekend. You may also find a lake close to the hill. It is an easy trek which a 10-year-old kid may also complete. Further, the trekker may enjoy several activities such as fishing, chilling, swimming etc.

Savandurga Sunrise Trek 

Top 10 Sunrise Trek in Bangalore

Savandurga is the largest monolith of Asia. It is 4220 above the level of the sea. The Savandurga sunrise trek comprises two hills: a black hill and a white hill. Tourists rarely prefer black hills as they are required to obtain a permit for trekking. You may see the ruins of the fort, the prison for prisoners in ancient times.

Gudibande Sunrise Trek 

Top 10 Sunrise Trek in Bangalore

The GudiBande sunrise trek is one of the best in Bangalore. The sunrise trek will take the tourists to a never-seen fort located in this region which is considered the replica of Madhugiri fort. There are plenty of things to explore at the GudiBande sunrise trek. The ancient temple of lord Shiva is regarded as the home of 108 Jyotirlingas.  


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