Gokarna camping packages

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Gokarna camping packages

Gokarna camping packages takes you to your dream destination and mesmerizing view. Delve into the pristine beach, and enjoy its tranquility. The beaches are beautiful and peaceful, making them a perfect place to enjoy the rhythm of the waves and the charming warmth of the sun. The beautiful surroundings and relaxing beach help you to unwind. It is not only fascinating for beach lovers but also for other tourists who accept the change in life.

Gokarna beach trek is a fairyland located in the northern part of Karnataka! It starts from Gokarna which means the cow ear and the name itself denotes, it is nestled between the rivers of Agnashini and Gangavali. The Gokarna is famous for Lord Shiva Temple near the ‘Atmalinga’. It is said that Ravana kept the Aatmalinga of Lord Shiva.

Gokarna includes five significant beaches, which are known for clean water, gentle waves and amazing views! Those beaches are Gokarna Main Beach, Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach and Paradise Beach. The lush green hills between beaches attract you to Gokarna places to visit. These hills create a charming landscape of Gokarna and give you a fun-filled Gokarna Beach Trek. In this blog, we will tell you everything about Gokarna Beach Trek and camping that gives you an idea to plan for this trip.

Gokarna Camping Packages And Beach Trek

Gokarna Beach Trek is a fun way to head Beach Hopping in Gokarna. The trek starts either from the Kudle Beachside, or the Paradise Beachside. The main purpose of the trek is to cover all major beaches of Gokarna on foot by crossing the hills. These hills are covered with green for most of the year and tower over the magnificent Arabian Sea.

Is Gokarna Beach Trek and Camping Difficult?

No, the Gokarna beach trek and camping are not difficult at all. You can visit the Gokarna beach trek easily with basic fitness. The place is quite hot, so don’t forget to apply sunscreen and stay hydrated to prevent the harsh sun to fully enjoy this fun day. To get to the next beach, the majority of the walk entails hiking through and across hills. On the other hand, there is a bit of climbing and crossing of rocks and boulders on the way too. It is a perfect trek for both prior trekking experienced trekkers as well as first-time trekkers. You’ll find solitude and enjoy watching birds, and mountains and capturing the amazing view with your camera or phone.

Gokarna Beach camping is another famous activity of this region that attracts many tourists every year. You can see several camps on almost all the beaches in this appealing town, and camping packages that you can book in advance. Also, you can make your camp in a few places like Paradise Beach.

If you want you can stay at night. You can decide to hike to the beach at night and spend the night there in a tent or beach camp. One of the finest ways to enjoy Gokarna’s nightlife is by doing this.Gokarna beach trek and camping are safe for everyone, from couples to families, women and solo travelers.

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