Gudibande trip

How to Make your Gudibande Trek Memorable?

Gudibande trip is a fun activity to do with your family and friends. Gudibande fort is situated in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka. It is believed that a yogi built the Gudibande fort with his local chieftain, also known as Byre Gowda. The yogi responsible for building the Gudibande fort belonged to the Tuluva dynasty in Vijayanagar. It is also believed that the trek to Gudibande fort is similar to the Madhugiri fort. A temple of Shiva is situated at the top of the Gudibande fort. It is believed that Lord Rama established the temple of Shiva along with his sage Vishwamitra. The Gudibande fort has nineteen rock ponds known as Gudibande lake, which is utilized to harvest rainwater.

Caution for Gudibande Trek 

Difficulty level of Gudibande trek

The difficulty level of the Gudibande fort trek is easy to moderate. You may come and enjoy the Gudibande Trip. However, it is advisable to avoid visiting the fort if you are significantly unfit or suffering from the issue of weak joints. If you wish to visit the fort, you must be fit at the primary level and have decent stamina. 


The length of the Gudibande fort trek is four km long and has two ways to come and leave. The length is average and can be visited by new tourists without experience in trekking. 


The Gudibande fort is 826 meters long which can be covered in less than a day. Hence, if you wish to enjoy trekking but have less time, you may come to Gudibande fort and enjoy the trekking. 


The Gudibande fort is situated only 90 km away from Bangalore, Thus, if you reside in Bangalore or nearby, you may any time visit the fort with your family, or if you come for the first time to visit the fort, you may also find various other places to visit in Bangalore. 

Minimum age  

In order to visit the fort and enjoy the sight of Gudibande lake, you must be at least six years old. Six years is the minimum age criterion to visit the place. 

Best time to visit Gudibande Hills Trek

If you wish to visit Gudibande hills trek, it is advisable to arrive during the monsoon and winter seasons. During monsoon, the temperature at Gudibande fort remains pleasant; visitors may see the beauty of the surroundings during winter. During the winter season. The beauty around the Gudibande trek remains at its peak, and you may collect various good memories from this place if you visit it with your family.

Other places to visit nearby Gudibande hill 

If you plan to have an extended vacation and Gudibande booking is the only one on your list, you should expand it by experiencing another place nearby Gudibande trek. Some of the places nearby the Gudibande tour are:

Avalabetta Hilltop 

Avcalabetta hilltop is one of the best places to visit while having a tour at Gudibande trek. The forest department maintained the place in good condition and filled with a greenery atmosphere.

Lakshmi Narasimha Temple 

Tourists taking Gudibande sunrise trek booking also pay their visit to Lakshmi Narasimha temple to get the blessings of Goddess Lakhsmi Narasimha. 

Srinivasa Sagar 

The Sagar is replete with water and is considered a beautiful lake where the tourist may enjoy fishing and have lots of enjoyment.

Gudibande Trip Booking by the Namma Trip 

Namma trip is one of your essential guides to make your trip memorable. It makes all the necessary arrangements in order to make your trip enjoyable with your family and friends. To make the Gudibande sunrise trek book, you may approach the Namma trip anytime. The Gudibande sunrise trek package is available at a nominal price, comprising you and your family members. Hence, consider the Namma trip to accomplish your Gudibande booking.


Gudibande hill is a short trek you may cover in less than a day. It has various views which you may enjoy and catch with your camera. The trip is the finest one with lots of fun and enjoyment. Hence, we advise you to visit the Gudibande fort and enjoy the Gudibande trek sunrise and several other sights.

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