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How to Make your Makalidurga Trekking Memorable?

Make your Makalidurga Trekking Memorable

Makalidurga trekking is one of the challenging treks situated 60 km away from Bangalore. The Makalidurga trekking has become a destination for adventurers who love trekking. It is located in one of the villages of Karnataka, known as Makali. The trek has a temple of Lord Shiva with Nandi. The hill has a fort situated at the top of the hike, around 1117 meters. Makalidurga used to be a storage of the granary of Makaliraya. That is why it is known as Makalidurga. You may also find another temple at the foothill explicitly dedicated to Lord Krishna. The tourists may treat their eyes by enjoying the sight of Makalidurga lake from the top of Makalidurga hill trek. In addition, you may also enjoy the scenery of lemon grass and date plants on the top of the hill.

Best Time to Do Makalidurga Trekking 

You may enjoy the Makalidurga trekking every season. However, it is recommended to get the Makalidurga booking during summer and monsoon. During summer, the place becomes too hot, and it takes time to complete trekking. You might not enjoy the Makalidurga trekking during monsoon since the location and hill become slipper, and you might hurt yourself while trekking. Hence, it is advisable to refrain from confirming your Makalidurga hill trek booking during summer and monsoon. However, the winter is also preferable for tourists. In addition, you may also come soon after the monsoon in order to enjoy the greenery of the place. 

Tips for Traveller 

  • You can make your Makalidurga booking even if you have only one day to tour. This is because the Makalidurga trekking only takes one day to complete. So you may terminate it in 5-6 hours.
  • The difficulty level of the trek is moderate to difficult and can be done by a boy to an older man. However, you must be reasonably fit and not be vulnerable to any illness since you need to climb some rocks to complete your Makalidurga trekking. 
  • You won’t find food or water on the top of the Makalidurga hill trekking. Hence, it is advisable to carry your food and water bottle in order to meet the essential requirement. In addition, you won’t find any washroom or a public toilet at the top of the hill. 
  • You need to beware of the monkeys, and you are advised not to serve your food or water to them as they are stubborn and may irritate you for more food. 
  • You will find various wildflowers on the top of the hill. They are indeed beautiful and a treat to watch. Hence carry your camera to catch them as a memory.
  • You are recommended to wear comfortable cloth and footwear. In addition, you should must have an excellent grip to make your Makalidurga trekking easy.
  • If you wish to visit the Makalidurga sunrise trek in summer, you must carry your cap to escape the sun’s heat. In addition, do not forget to bring a rain cheater and sweatshirt for the monsoon and winter. These are the basic stuff a tourist you carry. 

Confirm your Makalidurga trek booking with the Namma trip

Do you need an excellent Makalidurga trek guide? Do you wish to have a memorable vacation with your family and friends? We recommend you approach the Namma trip to get the best Makalidurga trek package at a reasonable rate. Namma trip makes your Makalidurga hills trekking booking easy by providing you with every necessary means to enjoy the trekking. It makes all the arrangements required for you, and you reach your destination quickly. From beginning to conclusion, it maintains all configurations painstakingly for you and your family. Hence, you must approach the Namma trip once and enjoy trekking on Makalidurga hill.


Makalidurga trekking will be one of the best vacations of your life. You can make your journey adventurous by option Makalidurga as your vacation destination. However, it is advisable to come either during winter or at the end of the monsoon to enjoy a better experience of Makalidurga trekking. 

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