Lake side camping in Kanva

Lakeside Camping In Kanva – Enjoy Kayaking

Lakeside Camping In Kanva

Kayaking during lakeside camping in Kanva is  loved by adventure enthusiasts. But it is more technique than strength. Everyone can do this adventure during lakeside camping in Kanva with the right technique and get a serene experience with the view of breezy greenery and exciting joy! 

Kanva is a man-made lake nestled amidst the Land of Seven Hills, Ramanagara in Karnataka. A pristine Kanva reservoir is created by the damming of the river and is spread over 776 hectares. Although it was initially intended as an irrigation project, it attracted birds over time and evolved into a beautiful picnic area.

Gently sailing on the water gives you an escape from the numbness of the mind. It rejuvenates your soul by experiencing the tranquility of its purest form. You all love magic and you create what you crave for it. This activity and place cater for you just that. You will never have enough of the alluring beauty of Mother Nature. The interesting part is that you can kayak in the backwaters of the lake with nature music and birds to watch that are a treat to the eyes and where you can bask in the surreal beauty of pristine nature. Restore your soul with this beautiful nature therapy. The striking landscape makes its way to your imagination and you will carry it with you. Take it in and carry it with you. You won’t ever need it more tranquilly than this.

By choosing this adventurous tour, you can take in the vistas of the hills’ boundless grandeur and the allure of the man-made lake Kanva. The adventure camp calls you away from the bustle of the city for a memorable experience that you will remember for years.

Moreover, it offers to relish a lakeside camping in Kanva experience at night and listen to the sweet nature music in an extremely calm environment. Enjoy a lakeside camping experience or stay on a day’s adventure as per your choice and catch glimpses of the enchanting sunset with music. It involves a set of adventurous activities that will undoubtedly make your entire trip an amazing one. It offers activities Theppa Ride (Wooden Plate Boat), Kayaking, and Lake Swimming. You can share your tent with other people. The camp is sufficient for three people, and you will get everything you need. So, don’t miss comping and stay overnight on the lakeside and have a unique experience with Kanva lake.

Life is too short, therefore, whenever you get a chance to travel and adventure, don’t let it go.

Lakeside Camping In Kanva Reservoir

The Kanva Reservoir is made across the Kanva River, a tributary of the Kaveri River. Built-in 1946 and designed with the advice of renowned Er. Sir M Visvesvaraya.It was given the name Kanva in honor of a sage who is thought to have formerly resided nearby in the forests and mountains in the vicinity.

The reservoir allures both bird watchers and adventure seekers. Apart from birds, the reservoir is abundant with fish.

Other Nearby Attractions

When you go to Kanva for an adventure kayaking experience, you should also explore nearby tourist attractions like Purushothama Thirtha Gavi Temple and the Fisheries Training Center.

Namma Trip

Suck up the view of the immense beauty of hills and man-made lake at Kanva and get an enthralling experience of Kayaking along with nature tranquility with an adventurous package of  Namma Trip and also cherish lakeside camping, the mesmerizing sunset with nature music.

(Kanva is Perfect for Adventure Kayaking Experience)

Whether you just want to unwind on the man-made beautiful lakeside or indulge in Kayaking water sports adventure, Kanva is ideal for both and satiates the thirst for adventure enthusiasm perfectly.

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