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5 Must-Visit Places in Mysore Sightseeing

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Mysore sightseeing allows you to explore something more and add new experiences while traveling. Mysore is a renowned place and historically famous also. You must hear the glory of its magnificence and royalty that will captivate your nomadic desire and  traveling enthusiasm. A place of kings and palaces where you want to get lost. The sparkling loyalty will welcome you with a warm heart and open arms. On the other hand, the lovingly and charming Brindavan garden, its musical water dance and the holy Kaveri River all are so fascinating. It also offers souvenirs like Mysore paintings, Mysore Pak, Mysore masala dosa, Mysore ink, and the famous festival of Mysore Dasara. All are so good. You always find there a huge crowd of tourists but during the Dasara festival, it is overwhelming. Each of them represents a high standard of specialty. These specialties and incredible sightseeing spots in the city make Mysore a must-visit place for top weekend getaways from Bangalore.

Here are 5 top must-visit places in Mysore that capture all types of travelers with the glamor of architecture and the astonishment of nature. It is really a paradise for all.

  • Mysore Palace Sightseeing

Mysore palace is one of the most iconic spots to visit in Mysore. It was once the palace of the King and belonged to the Wodeyar dynasty rulers who ruled Mysore for seven centuries. It is one of the largest in India, and over 2.7 million visitors come to this place every year. It is built with incredible architecture, and intricate craftsmanship looks amazing. When you pass through its doors and corridors, you get the story of the past. Mysore palace is an attractive thing to do, especially for history buffs out there.

Mysore palace includes pavilions, large halls, and various shrines. It is decorated lavishly during the Dasara festival, and you’ll see the illumination of 98000 light bulbs in the evening time. This spectacular sight will be worth capturing in your mind forever.

  1. Lalitha Mahal 

Lalitha Mahal is another largest palace in Mysore. Initially, it was made to provide a guest house to the royal guests. It sits at the foot of Chamundi Hills, a famous hill in Mysore and serves scintillating views of the hills around. One of the most beautiful places to explore in Mysore sightseeing.

The exquisite interiors of the palace furnished with Belgian crystal chandeliers and Persian carpets are eye-catching. This palace makes you feel the royal ambience.

  1. Karanji Lake

Spreading over 90 acres, the largest lake in Karnataka is one of the most lovely tourist places in Mysore sightseeing. Karanji Lake is located at the base of Chamundi hills and qualifies as the top option for enjoying nature’s scenic views. It houses more than 70 species of birds. This lake also provides a home to migratory birds. It has India’s largest walk-through aviary and a picturesque destination for all bird lovers and nature admirers. 

  1. Chamundeshwari Temple

Chamundeshwari temple is on top of the Chamundi hills 13 km from Mysore and you need to take 1000 steps to reach there. It has beautiful architecture with a 7-tier gopuram and 7 golden Kalash at the top that makes it perfect for a day of sightseeing in Mysore.

  1. Melody World Wax Museum 

This is the third-largest museum in India.  The museum displays a collection of more than a hundred wax statues and over three hundred musical instruments. The instruments and bands available here range from the stone age to the modern date displaying different genres like Jazz, Pop, Chinese, Tribal, Rock, Punjabi Bhangra, and Hip Hop.

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(5 Must-Visit Places in Mysore)

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