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Trip to Nandi Hills

Want to make your trip memorable? Nandi Hills is one of the most beautiful towns situated 60km away from the city of Bangalore. While paying for a trip to Nandi hills, you would experience various outlooks with its greenery and historical fortification, a principal residence and home to many temples, memorials, etc. Therefore, if a Nandi Hills trip plan is on your list or you have a specific interest in the story of emperors or kings, you must visit it on your next vacation. For example, the Nandi hills trek point is loaded with historical references to king Tipu Sultan who used to retreat on his vacations.

Ways to reach

There are two possible ways to reach Nandi hill. One is by private vehicle, which demands less time consumption, and the second is by taking public transport like KSRTC buses which take approximately 2 to 3 hours to cover the distance from Bangalore city center to Nandi hill.

The Best Time To Visit

It is generally agreed upon that the ideal time of year to visit any location is when the weather is pleasant and suitable for your body. Therefore, you can visit Nandi Hills in either the peak season of September through February or the moderate season of March through May. You can relax from your tiresome routine using either one and enjoy the view of beautiful Nandi Hills in the shade of sunset and sunrise.

Essentials things to know before Trip to Nandi Hills 

While making a Nandi Hills booking, you must know the essential things around Nandi Hills trek Point. The first and foremost thing for a visitor to know about Restaurants fall near Nandi Hills. 

You may find several restaurants while making a Nandi Hills trek booking. One of the most prevalent hotels you would enjoy visiting is Indian Paratha Palace. The name might suggest that you’ll get only some varieties of Paratha at this restaurant. Luckily, it is not the case. The Indian Paratha Palace not only offers Paratha but also specializes in serving types of cuisines such as Pizzas, Lassi and many more cuisines at a nominal price. 

Food or restaurants is undoubtedly one of the essential things to know before paying a visit to Nandi Hills. Apart from that, it would be best if you also had a clear thought about places to stay while visiting Nandi Hills trek point. You may find plenty of places to stay while making a Nandi Hills trip package. Mount Palazzo, Pomona Farm, the valley of the wind, and so on are some of the most famous places visitors love to visit. These places are available at affordable prices. The staff will serve you with the best assistance you will adore. 

Tips for visiting Nandi Hills

Here’re some things you keep in mind while traveling Nandi Hills:

  1. Do not feed Monkeys: You can find various monkeys in Hill areas. Nandi Hills is one of them. You would see multiple monkeys, and you might wish to feed them some food. It is preferable to avoid this as they might create a nuisance if you do so. 
  2. Return before Dark: The Nandi Hills become dark very soon. The sun sets at 18:00. Hence it is advisable to return to your hotels or place before 18:00.
  3. Roll up the windows of your car: While visiting Nandi Hills trek Point in a car, you should always roll up the windows. 


Nandi Hills trek point is one of the best places to visit with your family. You must spend at least one of your vacations in Nandi Hills. You would love this place and would like to pay a visit again. Book Nandi Hills now with nammatrip to make your worthy trip with budget friendly Inclusions 



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