Permits and Regulations For Kumara Parvatha : What You Need To Know

The journey to the Kumara Parvatha is an extraordinary manifesto of one person with nature. This exceptional journey starts from Bangalore around 10:00 PM. There are two ways to do the Kumara Parvatha trek, the Somavarpet side and another is Kukke Subramanya side. Kukke Subramanya’s side is the most challenging and exciting one. The Kumaraparvatha trek from Kukke Subramanya side consists of 2days which will be covered with nature trails, water streams, and high elevations. It’s essential to adhere permits and regulations of kumara parvatha trek to ensure a safe and regulated trekking experience.

Kumara Parvatha Trek Distance is 28 KM which makes it the toughest trek in south India.

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Kumara Parvatha Trekking Plan

Day 1 is the start of the mighty Kumaraparvatha trek.at 9:30 am, we reach the base camp of the trek. As human beings, it’s our responsibility to protect our wildlife and safeguard our biodiversity. With keeping this in mind our Karnataka Forest Department has made it mandatory to count the plastics we carry to the mountain and pay a deposit of Rs.100 which will be returned to us after we bring the same amount of plastic back from the mountain, leaving no plastic trash behind. After all the checks we start our journey of 7km which should be covered on day 1, the first break is 3.5km from the base camp called Bhimana Bande. One can fresh from the stream here or can have their packed lunch here watching scenic nature. After a relaxation of about 45mins, we started our journey to Girigadde where we would be halting in the tents for the night.

The distance from Bhimana Bande to Girigadde is 3.5km. The journey is covered with 1.5km of elevation which would be a challenge to climb on. On an average pace and minimal breaks, one can reach to Girigadde forest check post around 4 hours from the start of the base. After getting the tent allotted for each person, you can either rest in the tent or go and watch the mesmerizing sunset at the sunset point 60 meters from the checkpost. You can have your dinner from Bhattru mane, the only available place for food in the entire mountain. The dinner would be issued from 7:30 pm which would be crowded as there would be other visitors too. As it’s a remote area you will only get rice, rasam, and buttermilk which you will feel delighted after eating. After having your dinner, you need to sleep as you need to climb 7km the next day morning.

Day 2 of the Kumaraparvatha trek is where you will feel the true challenge of trekking awaits. One needs to wake up around 2:30 am to use washrooms as only 4 washrooms would be available and there would be a line to use the washrooms. Start the journey towards the peak around 5:00 am, the first point you reach is known as kallu mandapa, which is 3km from the forest check post. One can take a rest of 15mins minutes here and start his journey towards Sheshaparvatha which is the toughest journey as there would be sand trail and steep to the Sheshaparvatha peak. The journey from kallu mandapa to Sheshaparvatha Peak is 2.5 km, one can indulge in the breathtaking sunrise from Sheshaparvatha Peak which is the highlight of day 2. After watching the sunrise from Sheshaparvatha start the journey

On Day 3 towards Kumara Parvatha (also known as PushpaGiri Peak). It’s a 30-minute journey from Shesha Parvatha Peak to Kumara Parvatha Peak which is 1.5km. The forest trail is the best walk you would experience in your life, having bind refreshing sound of birds water streams, and rock climbing adventures to reach the summit. After a trek of 4-5 hours from the forest office you will forget all the pain and fill your life with gratitude and will be proud of yourself. Start your journey back to the base camp around 9:30 am from the peak which would take 6 hours to complete the trek from the peak to the base camp. The Kumaraparvatha trek brings the best out of one person which connects them completely to nature.

Kumara Parvatha Trek Package

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Permits and Regulations for Kumara Parvatha Trek

Kumara Parvatha is an exciting trek that requires careful planning and understanding of permits and regulations. The first thing you need to do is to get a permit from the Forest Department. This is the first step in the trekking journey. Next, you need to know the trek regulations. These regulations dictate the responsible and environmentally friendly behavior of trekkers. It is recommended to register with a well-known trekking organization as they can provide you with useful information. You should also be aware of the Leave No Trace guidelines, which emphasize minimal impact on the environment. In addition, it is important to be aware of seasonal limitations and weather conditions to make sure you are safe and have a good time. In short, a good knowledge of permits and rules is like a guidebook that will take you through all the beautiful places of Kumara Parvath.

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We must protect our wildlife and forest and safeguard it further. The best way to experience the Kumaraparvatha trek is by joining NammaTrip which has exceptional guides who share their knowledge about the trek and make sure everything goes exactly as planned.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Do I need a permit for the Kumara Parvatha trek?
    • Yes, a trekking permit is mandatory for the Kumara Parvatha trek to ensure compliance with regulations and environmental preservation efforts.
  2. How can I obtain the necessary trekking permits?
    • Trekking permits can be obtained through authorized channels or tour operators. Namma Trip, for instance, assists participants in acquiring the required permits.
  3. What environmental regulations should I be aware of?
    • Trekkers must follow specific guidelines to minimize their impact on the environment, including waste disposal, maintaining trail integrity, and respecting local flora and fauna.
  4. Are there restrictions on group sizes for the Kumara Parvatha trek?
    • Some areas may have restrictions on the number of participants per trek to manage the ecological footprint. It’s essential to be aware of and adhere to any specified limits.
  5. Are there specific trekking seasons to consider for Kumara Parvatha?
    • Understanding the permitted trekking seasons is crucial, as some regions may have restrictions during certain times to protect the ecosystem.
  6. Can I trek independently, or is a guided tour necessary?
    • While independent treks are possible, guided tours often ensure compliance with regulations, and reputable operators like Namma Trip provide valuable assistance with permits.
  7. What conservation efforts are in place for Kumara Parvatha?
    • Trekkers may inquire about ongoing conservation projects or initiatives in the region, fostering awareness and participation in environmental preservation.
  8. Is there a limit to the number of trekkers allowed per day?
    • Some trekking destinations enforce daily visitor limits to control foot traffic. Understanding these limits helps plan the trek accordingly.
  9. What safety measures are mandated by regulations?
    • Regulations may outline safety protocols such as emergency contacts, necessary gear, and health requirements. Trekkers should familiarize themselves with these guidelines.
  10. How does Namma Trip assist with permits and regulations for Kumara Parvatha Trek?
    • Namma Trip ensures a seamless experience by handling the permit acquisition process and providing comprehensive information about regulations, ensuring trekkers are well-prepared for their Kumara Parvatha adventure.