savandurga hill trek

Savandurga Hill Trek to make your Vacation Memorable

Savandurga Hill Trek an Unforgettable Trip:

Savandurga hill trek is one of the challenging treks famous for its scenery and Savandurga climb. The visitors can enjoy the beautiful sights of the Manchanabele, Magadi and Thippagondanahalli reservoirs. Due to the defensive structure, the Savandurga trek is also known as Savinadurga. Various rulers have ruled over Savandurga hill. Under the rule of Magadi rulers, Savandurga hill or Savandurga fort, was the secondary capital. Later, Dalavayi Devaraja, the king of Mysore, occupied the place during 1638 and ruled over Savandurga hills till 1782.

Places to Watch at Savandurga hill trek

Let’s discuss the places you would love to visit while Savandurga trekking

Monolith hill at Savandurga trekking 

The structure of Savandurga trekking is entirely formed with colossal rock. The one large stone is responsible for the formation of the Savandurga trek. At first sight, the Savanduga hill leaves the tourists in a dilemma wondering how the hill could have been formed with one stone. While Savandurga trekking, you may enjoy the climbing experience, which will remain unforgettable. The experience of the Savandurga climb is indeed an exceptional one for tourists.

Excellent views of forests and reservoirs during Savandurga Hill Trek

The beautiful views of forest and reservoirs situated around Savandurga hills will remain with you throughout the Savandurga trekking. You merely require to turn your head; the dramatic views are all yours. The nature surrounding the Savandurga trek speaks a lot about the place. You may hear the voice of its heart during the Savandurga trekking

Forest, rocky, and muddy trail 

Generally, we don’t expect or imagine a forest or caves when a hill is solely made up of rock. Well, in this case, Savandurga hill holds a series of surprises. You will encounter to see what you have never imagined while trekking to the Savandurga hills. There are different kinds of caves which you will find in your Savandurga hill trek. Nature undoubtedly has made it one of the best hills in this world. The forest surrounding Savandurga hill is a beautiful view to enjoy. 

Best time to visit Savandurga hill Trek 

You may visit and do the Savandurga hill trek between the month of September to March. However, it is advisable to visit it at the end of September and starting of March. If you wish to do Savandurga trekking and want to enjoy it at the best level, do not visit this place during summer. It becomes unbearable for people to do Savandurga trekking during summer as the rocks become hot and radiate heat. It is further advised to avoid visiting Savandurga hills during monsoon since the rock, due to rains, becomes slippery, making it difficult for the tourist to maintain a grip on the surface of the stone. On top of that, it might be dangerous and cause accidents if you dare to visit the Savandurga hills trek this place during monsoon.

How the Namma Trip helps you in making your Savandurga camping memorable 

The Namma trip is your excellent guide if you wish to make your Savandurga hills trek memorable. Namma trip makes all the necessary arrangements and takes care of every essential thing you might need during Savandurga trekking. Moreover, the Namma trip will make Savandurga trek booking a straightforward process for visitors. Hence, approach the Namma trip to make your Savandurga hills trek successful. 


Savandurga hills, situated around Bangalore, is a perfect place to visit. You will find different types of temples and pilgrims. Further, you may enjoy the Savandurga sunrise trek, which is a diverse experience. Your trip will be unforgetful if you could give at least one whole day for Savandurga trekking. In addition, the Savandurga waterfall will compel you to take a dip into the water. Hence, do visit Savandurga hills during your vacations. 

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