Kunti Betta Trek

Visit Kunti Betta Trek to Enjoy your Vacation

Enjoy your Vacation with Kunti Betta Trek:

Kunti betta trek involves two giant hills in the western ghat in Bangalore. This trek is the longest on the slope of Pandavapura town, situated in the surrounding of sugarcane ranches, paddy fields and coconut trees. The Kunti betta trek holds a historical connection with Tipu Sultan, the legendary warrior of the 18th century. In addition, it has a solid connection to Pandavas. It is believed that the Pandavas in the era of Mahabharat built a house for themselves where they, along with their mother, Kunti, used to reside. They came here during the time they were mandated to live in exile. The hill where they built their house was the favorite spot of their mother, Kunti. Hence, the mountain is named after Kunti betta. The Kunti betta hill includes an 878 meters high slope which previously used to be known as ‘French Rock’ since the French army, during their fight against the British, stayed on these slopes. The French army came to assist Tipu Sultan. 

Things to watch in Kunti Betta Trek

You may find various unique things to sight during this trek. It is a fabulous place for visitors who enjoy 2 to 3 hours of trekking whenever they arrive. 2 hours is the minimum time to complete the trekking. 

Let’s see the things you may enjoy watching during your trek.

Kunti betta sunrise trek 

The view of this Hill sunrise trek is an exceptional one. Tourists articulate that the Kunti Betta sunrise trek gives them new energy whenever they witness the sunrise. You would be eligible to notice everything from the slope. The view of the sugar cane plantation is fabulous from the height of the trek. 

Kunti Betta night trek 

The night trek of this hill, is also famous for its views and sights. The lights in the city and the stars and moon in the sky are worth watching while enjoying Kunti Betta’s night trekking. You may also visit the temple and get blessings from the almighty. 

Kunti Betta Lake

While trekking here, you will find Kunti Betta Lake, which is so beautiful that you can’t resist paying a visit. It is a large Kunti Betta Lake and is clean enough that one can drink the water by taking from it.

Highlights of Kunti Betta Hills 

Kunti Betta Trek

Easy to moderate journey 

This trekking is easy to moderate. It is easy for new tourists who rarely go trekking. Everyone can visit the place and enjoy the adventurous trekking of the Kunti Betta. It is a remarkable experience for tourists. It will be hard for them to forget the moment they spend at this place. 

The sight of Kunti Betta trekking 

The beautiful view and spot may fill you with positive vibes. But, of course, anyone could watch the beauty of nature. However, its surroundings are exceptional, giving you an excellent sight to capture. 

Kunti Betta Trek

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Kunti Betta Trek

The Kunti Betta trek is thrilling since it allows tourists to visit the Kunti Betta hills. If you are planning to visit Bangalore, you must go atleast once to experience its beauty. A memorable journey you will never forget and you take back the positive vibes from the hills. You may also visit the temple, which is famous for its positive energy. 

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