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Best Wayanad Tour Packages – Be an Early Bird to Catch Affordable Deals

Wayanad Tour Packages

Wayanad is a beautiful tourist destination located in Kerala. It’s a district of Kerala and the only plateau in the state that is full of greenery and is abode to waterfalls, vast plantations, caves and rich wildlife, all of which make it perfect for a tranquil getaway. Nammatrip offers many Wayanad tour packages that suit all types of tourists.

However, it is an ideal destination to visit all year round, but October to May offer pleasant weather and are the perfect months to go there and delve into the region’s lush greenery, including its gushing waterfalls such as the Kanthanpara Waterfall, Palchuram Waterfalls and Chethalayam Waterfalls, where you can come across a variety of animals, camp, trek and more. The chain tree is a main attraction here that holds your soul and spirit.

Another most sought tourist attraction is Pookode Lake. This lake is serene and known for its freshwater aquarium and is ideal for boating. The Banasura Sagar Dam offers the scenic beauty of the Banasura Hills. Make sure to hike up to the ancient Edakkal Caves to see the Neolithic carvings. Deer, elephants, coral snakes, babblers, and other wildlife are a great charm of the Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary and the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary.

Our Wayanad tour packages offer visits to many holy sites like the Thirunelli Temple, Pallikkunnu Church, Koottamundu Glass Temple and Varambetta Mosque and museums like the Wayanad Heritage Museum that dwells artifacts owned by the local tribes. Pay a visit to Neelimala Viewpoint to grab a glimpse of the incredible green valleys and the Meenmutti waterfalls or enjoy trekking through the trails.

Besides this, you don’t forget to see the nearby Sulthan Bathery, a town popular for its impressive and grand hills, green valleys, meandering streams, calm rivers, prehistoric caves, trekking trails and cascading waterfalls. There is also the small island of Kuruva Dweep with its dense forests, walking trails, streams, and boating. Wayanad tour packages often combine other places like Coorg, Mysore and Bangalore.

Have a look at detailed must-visit places in Wayanad on Wayanad tour packages:

  1. Chembra peak Tour Package 

Chembra peak is a height of 2100 meters. It is an attractive spot for Campers and Mountaineers. This peak is near Meppadi, only 8 km south of Kalpetta, and the highest peak of the Wayanad Hill Range.

Chembra peak includes a panoramic view of not just the whole Wayanad district but also a large piece of Kozhikode, Malappuram and Nilgiri districts. The peak is surrounded by lush greenery, and the famed heart-shaped lake creates a paradise for travelers to explore.

  1. Edakkal Caves Tour Package 

Edakkal caves are prehistoric caves for their exquisite rock and wall carvings. It is two naturally occurring alcoves situated in the Wayanad district of Kerala. The caves are enormous, measuring 96 feet in length and 22 feet in width, and they are located 1200 meters above sea level.

Edikkal, which literally translates as “a stone in between,” perfectly depicts how it was formed. A natural cave was created when a smaller rock wedged between two larger ones. In a true sense, it isn’t a cave but a naturally occurring rock fissure with a large boulder perched on it.

  1. Soochipara Falls Tour Package 

Soochipara Falls is also called Sentinel Rock Waterfalls located in Vellarimala, Wayanad. It is surrounded by trees and shrubs, evergreen and mountaintop forests. This waterfall is regarded as being among the Best. The traveling from Meppadi to Sentinel Rock Waterfalls offers you scenic views of some of the best tea estates in Wayanad. This fascinating waterfall is located 200 meters high that also caters for a cliff face, fantastic for rock climbing. Additionally, the falling waterfall from above creates a large pool where visitors can enjoy bathing and swimming. 

  1. Kuruva Dweep Tour Package 

Kuruva Dweep is one of the most charming places to visit. If you’re going on a Wayanad trip, don’t miss this spot to visit and enjoy the beauty of nature’s gift. It is a tiny island in River Kabini located in the district of Wayanad in Kerala. This one is the only island in India which has fresh water. The location and the geographical features of this place make it the most sought tourist attraction in Wayanad. The compelling location and beautiful landscape capture the attention of tourists from all over the world and a favorite spot for nature lovers. Come and explore this place for its picturesque scenery and experience marvelously close to nature. 

  1. Sulthan Bathery Tour Package 

 Sulthan Bathery or the former name Ganapativatom is situated in the Wayanad district of Kerala, a quaint and peaceful town. This new name was given after the great ruler, Tipu Sultan of Mysore who invaded the region and used the Jain Temple located here as a battery. 

This place offers you pleasant weather, ample opportunities for shopping, and spectacular historical sites. Because of these attractions tourists visit this beautiful town all year round. Sulthan Bathery is known for its spectacular landscape, which includes imposing hills, valleys, cliffs, and plains. 

The main draws for tourists are the ancient caverns, jungle paths, glittering rivers and streams, and the lush vegetation of the undulating hills. There are also several opportunities to explore the city and its surroundings. There is something to see in this town for every type of traveller thanks to attractions including the Edakkal Caves, Chethalayam Falls, Jain Temple, Muthunga Wildlife Sanctuary, Ambalavayal Heritage Museum, and St. Mary’s and Yakoob Church. So, go and explore this spectacular town of Wayanad and make long-lasting memories.


Nammatrip provides the best Wayanad Tour Packages deal that you can grab at a very affordable price and explore Wayanad, the great tourist destination with the most pleasant experience.

(Best Wayanad Tour Packages – Be an Early Bird to Catch Affordable Deals)

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