Skandagiri Trek

Top Tourist Attraction Skandagiri Peak Trek Near Bangalore

Skandagiri Trek Attractions:

Skandagiri peak is a famous top tourist attraction near Bangalore that is known for its trek. This place sits in the village “Kalavara Hall” or “Kalavara Durga”, approx 70 km far from Bangalore. One of Karnataka’s most ancient and historic mutts, the Papagni Mutt, is located near the foothills of Skandagiri peak.Embark on the Skandagiri Trek adventure with Namma Trip for an unforgettable experience.”

Skandagiri Trek is one of the prominent treks that captivates tourists across the country. The trail starts from Papagni Mutt and ascends to the top, where the remains of an 18th-century fort can be found. It is breathtaking to see from the top, which offers a panoramic view of the four nearby “Giris” or hills.

How to go on the top tourist attraction Skandagiri Trek near Bangalore?

You can go on the Skandagiri trek from Bengaluru or Chikballapur. Both are nearest places and well connected by road and railways. And this makes it an ideal year-round trek for first-time trekkers and seasoned ones. You would complete it in 5 hours comfortably (2 hours to climb, 2 hours to descend, with an hour’s break at the top)

Other tourist attractions nearby Skandagiri Trekking

  1. The enormous rock formation that is visible from Nandi Giri

Many famous personalities visited and praised Skandagiri hill during their visits in the British Era. Among them are Sir M. Visveswaraya and Jawaharlal Nehru. The view of this massive rock formation is captivating. You’ll enjoy being here completely with family or a group, or even it is fine for a solo trip. This is an awesome place trekking near Bangalore.

  1. The trail has a unique combination of rocks, boulders, and mud with thick vegetation

Very few excursions offer you the opportunity to enjoy walking between rocks, jumping over boulders, and enjoying a muddy track with trees for cover. All of these are available at Skandagiri for a hike that is so near our habitat.

  1. Ruined fort walls that serve as a reminder of life in the 18th century

Nearer to the summit, the crumbling walls, carved pillars, and stones transport us to a time when Skandagiri fort was a thriving, opulent place.

  1. An unexpected sight is the Shiva Temple at the summit with its original idols

Devotees still climb to the top to pray at the Lord Shiva temple where the idol is kept. The fort whose surrounding structures are in ruins, this is a rare sight.

  1. The summit’s stunning vista of the surrounding hills and Chikballapur town

From the summit, you can view all of the surrounding hills, including four of the five “Giris,” as well as the town, villages, and forests.

About Skandagiri Trail

The trail starts from Papagni Mutt, in Kalavara village. Chikballapur is 3 kilometers away from the village. Skandagiri trek includes three sections – The first section of the hike requires a flat route walk from Papagni Mutt to the Forest Checkpost, where one must register before starting the trek. The second stretch ascends gradually and occasionally sharply along rocky and dirt pathways to the first rest area. The last section is a difficult rise over rocky, slick, and muddy terrain to the peak. An old mutt named Papagni Mutt is located adjacent to a shrine. 

There is a good parking area where you may leave your cars and begin your hike. It is suggested to stock up on water here since there is also a water tank. Throughout the walk, there is no other water source except here. The first 800 metres of the hike are a flat stroll on a dirt trail until you arrive at the forest checkpoint.

Namma Trip

Namma Trip offers exclusive Trekking near Bangalore or Trekking around Bangalore, such as Skandagiri sunrise Trek, and Skandagiri night Trek. Skandagiri booking price is very reasonable. One can go in the lap of nature and enjoy the beauty of the sunrise and sunset on the beautiful mountain.

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