Lepakshi Temple & Adiyogi Laser Show

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Discover the Divine at Lepakshi Temple & Adiyogi Laser Show

Lepakshi Temple, a marvel of 16th-century architecture nestled in Andhra Pradesh, boasts intricate carvings and a towering monolithic Nandi statue. Its hanging pillar, seemingly defying gravity, adds to its mystique. Adiyogi Shiva, a colossal 112-foot statue near Coimbatore, hosts a mesmerizing laser show narrating Lord Shiva’s story and yoga’s significance. This spiritual spectacle combines technology and artistry, inspiring viewers with its visual grandeur and philosophical depth. Lepakshi Temple offers a journey through Hindu mythology, with vibrant mural paintings and a unique architectural blend of Dravidian and Vijayanagara styles. The Adiyogi Laser Show, meanwhile, educates on yoga’s transformative power and Shiva’s timeless wisdom. Both destinations, though geographically distant, offer cultural enrichment and spiritual rejuvenation. A weekend getaway from Bangalore to these sites promises a holistic experience, from exploring ancient temples to contemplating the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva. Whether marveling at Lepakshi’s architectural wonders or immersing in Adiyogi’s spiritual teachings, visitors embark on a journey of discovery and introspection, leaving refreshed and inspired by India’s rich heritage and enduring wisdom.


Day 1 : Journey into spirituality with Lepakshi Temple & Adiyogi Laser Show

08:00 AM: Departure from Bangalore

  • Departure from Bangalore at 08:00 AM.
  • Breakfast will be served on the way to Lepakshi Temple.

Lepakshi Temple

  • Arrival at Lepakshi Temple.
  • Spend 2 hours exploring the temple.
  • Lepakshi Temple is a 16th-century temple known for its intricate architecture, especially the hanging pillar and beautiful sculptures.


  • After visiting Lepakshi Temple, proceed for lunch.


  • Arrival at Adiyogi around 5:30 PM.
  • Spend approximately 2-3 hours at Adiyogi.
  • Adiyogi is a 112-foot-tall statue of Lord Shiva located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, known for its serenity and spiritual ambiance.
  • Enjoy the beauty and calmness of Adiyogi.
  • Experience the Divya Darshan, a spiritual tour offered at Adiyogi.

Laser Show

  • Witness the special laser show at Adiyogi, showcasing the significance of the statue and its spiritual message.


  • Depart from Adiyogi after the laser show.
  • Stop for dinner around 10:00 PM (self-sponsored).
  • Drop-off at the same locations as pickup by 11:00-12:00 PM, depending on the trip’s start timing.

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Meals : Breakfast, Lunch


  • BTM (Near A2B) : 08:00AM
  • Silkboard (Near Shri Krishna Bhavan) : 08:10AM
  • Bellenduru Bus Stop : 08:20AM
  • Marathalli (Opp. Kalamandir) : 08:30AM
  • Tin Factory : 08:45AM
  • Kalyananagra : 09:00AM
  • Hebbal (Opp. Esteem Mall) : 09:10AM


Embark on a spiritual journey from Bangalore to Lepakshi Temple and Adiyogi. At Lepakshi, marvel at 16th-century architecture, including the gravity-defying hanging pillar, amidst a serene ambiance. In Adiyogi, experience profound serenity and spirituality at the colossal statue of Lord Shiva. Engage in the enlightening Divya Darshan tour, gaining insights into the statue’s significance. Cap off the experience with a mesmerizing laser show, showcasing the spiritual essence of Adiyogi. Throughout the day, immerse yourself in rich cultural heritage, relish scenic beauty along the journey, and savor delicious local cuisine. Expect a day of spiritual enrichment and unforgettable memories.



  • Transport (Non AC)
  • All toll & Permit
  • Entry tickets
  • Trip Coordinator


  • Stay(Not Applicable)
  • Any personal expenses and meals


  • ID: Soft-copy of Aadhar or government ID
  • Backpack: Trek-friendly
  • Clothes: Layered, extra socks
  • Rain Gear: Poncho/Raincoat
  • Toiletries: Basics
  • Snacks: Juice packs, energy bars
  • Medication: Personal
  • Camera: Optional
  • Power Bank


  1. What should I wear for the trip?
    • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for walking and exploring temples. Consider carrying a scarf or shawl for modesty if visiting religious sites.
  2. Is there an entry fee for Lepakshi Temple and Adiyogi?
    • Yes, there might be an entry fee for both places. It’s advisable to carry some cash for ticket purchases.
  3. Are there any restrictions or guidelines to follow during the temple visits?
    • Visitors are typically required to remove footwear before entering temple premises. Respectful attire is appreciated, covering shoulders and knees. Photography restrictions may apply in certain areas.
  4. Can I bring food and drinks?
    • Outside food and drinks may not be allowed inside temple premises. However, you can inquire about designated areas for picnics or enjoy meals at nearby eateries.
  5. Is transportation provided for the entire trip?
    • Yes, transportation from Bangalore to the destinations mentioned and back is included in the trip. Pickup and drop-off will be at specified locations.
  6. What language will the guided tours be conducted in?
    • Guided tours may be available in English or the local language. If you require assistance in a specific language, kindly inquire in advance.
  7. Is the laser show at Adiyogi suitable for all ages?
    • Yes, the laser show is typically family-friendly and suitable for all ages. However, please be mindful of any specific instructions provided by event organizers.
  8. Are there restroom facilities available along the journey and at the destinations?
    • Restroom facilities may be available at designated stops along the journey and at the temple sites. It’s recommended to use restroom facilities when available during breaks.
  9. Can I bring my camera or mobile phone for photography?
    • Photography regulations may vary at each site. While photography is often allowed in public areas, it may be restricted in certain parts of the temples or during the laser show. Please adhere to any signage or instructions provided.
  10. Is there a dress code for the laser show at Adiyogi?
    • There’s usually no specific dress code for the laser show, but comfortable clothing is recommended. However, it’s advisable to dress modestly out of respect for the spiritual significance of the place.
Lepakshi Temple: Anantapur district, Andhra Pradesh, India. Famous for its 16th-century architecture, including the hanging pillar and intricate sculptures. Adiyogi: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. Home to a 112-foot-tall statue of Lord Shiva, symbolizing spiritual wisdom and the essence of yoga. Offers serene surroundings for spiritual exploration.

8 Reviews

  1. Abhay
    10:18 am - March 13, 2024 / Reply

    Recently I went with namma trip for Lepakshi temple and Adiyogi laser show it was a awesome 😎 trip.

    I would surely recommend to my friends and family.

  2. Suresh Kumar
    10:40 am - March 13, 2024 / Reply

    Visiting Lepakshi Temple and experiencing the Adiyogi Laser Show was an awe-inspiring journey. The Temple’s intricate architecture and Spiritual ambiance were captivating, while the Laser Show at Adiyogi left us spellbound with its vibrant visuals and profound narrative. A truly unforgettable experience of cultural richness and spiritual enlightenment…..!!!!! #nammatrip #oncemore

  3. Aarav
    11:06 am - March 13, 2024 / Reply

    Our Namma Trip to Lepakshi Temple & Adiyogi Laser Show Was a Soul-Stirring Experience. Leapakshi’s Ancient charm and intricate carvings left us in awe, while the Adiyogi Laser Depth. A perfect blend of culture and Enlightenment, it’s a journey we’ll cherish forever…Thank You Namma Trip…East or West Namma trip is the best……

  4. Advik
    11:19 am - March 13, 2024 / Reply

    Our Namma Trip to Lepakshi Temple & Adiyogi Laser Show Was An Enchanting Escape. Lepakshi’s intricate architecture and Adiyogi’s captivating laser spectacle left Us Spellbound. It Was a Perfect Bend Of Spirituality and Cultural Exploration, Creating Cherished Memories For Us To Treasure. Highly Recommended For All Adventurers…!!!

  5. Atharv
    11:38 am - March 13, 2024 / Reply

    Thank You Namma Trip For Giving Such a Facilities for Ac Transport and all. Breakfast & Lunch all was Superb….!!!!!

  6. Mateo
    11:45 am - March 13, 2024 / Reply

    Thank You Namma Trip For Wonderfull Trip….!!!!

  7. Aahan
    11:50 am - March 13, 2024 / Reply

    Unforgettable Trip Thank You Namma Trip

  8. Ezar
    11:51 am - March 13, 2024 / Reply

    Our namma trip to Lepakshi Temple & Adiyogi Laser Show was a delightful blend of ancient wonders and modern marvels. Lepakshi’s intricate carvings and Adiyogi’s captivating laser spectacle left us spellbound. A perfect weekend getaway, offering a unique journey into spirituality and cultural richness. Highly recommended!


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