Bandaje Falls Trek

Go on Combined Adventure Trip At Ballalarayana Durga and Bandaje Falls Trek

Adventure Trip At Ballalarayana Durga & Bandaje Falls Trek

How would you feel when you get a combined adventure trip once at a time? Of course, you feel pleased with getting the opportunity of hiking through the charming mountains of the Western Ghats. Bandaje Falls Trek combines two treks- Ballalarayana Durga and Bandaje Arbi Falls Trek. Many people don’t know that they can travel all the way to Bandaje waterfalls to reach the Ballalarayana Durga trek. If you’re a history enthusiast with a nature lover, you definitely love this combined trip.

 Ballalarayana Durga is a hidden fort on the top of a dense forest in the Western Ghats which stands with crumbling walls as…

Lake side camping in Kanva

Lakeside Camping In Kanva – Enjoy Kayaking

Lakeside Camping In Kanva

Kayaking during lakeside camping in Kanva is  loved by adventure enthusiasts. But it is more technique than strength. Everyone can do this adventure during lakeside camping in Kanva with the right technique and get a serene experience with the view of breezy greenery and exciting joy! 

Kanva is a man-made lake nestled amidst the Land of Seven Hills, Ramanagara in Karnataka. A pristine Kanva reservoir is created by the damming of the river and is spread over 776 hectares. Although it was initially intended as an irrigation project, it attracted birds over time and evolved into a beautiful picnic area.

Gently sailing on the water gives you an escape from…

Kumara Parvatha Trek

Enjoy Kumara Parvatha Trek , the most Challenging one of the Western Ghats

Kumara Parvatha Trek:

Kumara parvatha trek is one of the best tourist places in the western Ghat of Karnataka. The place is among the most visited tourist places in Karnataka. There is a temple known as Kukke Subrahmanya situated at the foothills. The trek is replete with lots of history, which can be discussed as it holds a lot of importance for the nearby locals. It is believed that all visitors’ wishes get fulfilled by whoever visits the temple. Therefore, people from the north and south and all over India visit the temple in order to get their wishes fulfilled by God. Consequently, you will always find the temple occupied while visiting the temple.

Things to watch in Kumara Parvatha Trek 


Gudibande trip

How to Make your Gudibande Trek Memorable?

Gudibande trip is a fun activity to do with your family and friends. Gudibande fort is situated in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka. It is believed that a yogi built the Gudibande fort with his local chieftain, also known as Byre Gowda. The yogi responsible for building the Gudibande fort belonged to the Tuluva dynasty in Vijayanagar. It is also believed that the trek to Gudibande fort is similar to the Madhugiri fort. A temple of Shiva is situated at the top of the Gudibande fort. It is believed that Lord Rama established the temple of Shiva along with his sage Vishwamitra. The Gudibande fort has nineteen rock ponds known as Gudibande lake, which is utilized…

Makalidurga Group

How to Make your Makalidurga Trekking Memorable?

Make your Makalidurga Trekking Memorable

Makalidurga trekking is one of the challenging treks situated 60 km away from Bangalore. The Makalidurga trekking has become a destination for adventurers who love trekking. It is located in one of the villages of Karnataka, known as Makali. The trek has a temple of Lord Shiva with Nandi. The hill has a fort situated at the top of the hike, around 1117 meters. Makalidurga used to be a storage of the granary of Makaliraya. That is why it is known as Makalidurga. You may also find another temple at the foothill explicitly dedicated to Lord Krishna. The tourists may treat their eyes by enjoying the sight of Makalidurga lake from the top…

Kunti Betta Trek

Visit Kunti Betta Trek to Enjoy your Vacation

Enjoy your Vacation with Kunti Betta Trek:

Kunti betta trek involves two giant hills in the western ghat in Bangalore. This trek is the longest on the slope of Pandavapura town, situated in the surrounding of sugarcane ranches, paddy fields and coconut trees. The Kunti betta trek holds a historical connection with Tipu Sultan, the legendary warrior of the 18th century. In addition, it has a solid connection to Pandavas. It is believed that the Pandavas in the era of Mahabharat built a house for themselves where they, along with their mother, Kunti, used to reside. They came here during the time they were mandated to live in exile. The hill where they built their house was the…

Dandeli tour packages

Things to do in Dandeli and Dudhsagar Tour Packages

Dudhsagar and Dandeli Tour Packages

Dandeli is a home for animals such as elephants, monkeys and black panthers. It is a wildlife sanctuary and a beautiful forest to sight. In addition, it is a calm and peaceful area that can reduce stress upon paying for a Dandeli trip. Dandeli tour packages possesse several things to do that you may enjoy the experience.

Let’s explore some adventurous things to do in Dandeli Tour Packages. 

Dandeli Tour Packages River Rafting  

If you wish to enjoy water rafting in the surrounding forests and trees, you must book Dandeli river rafting. It offers two variants of rafting which you may enjoy…

Things to do in Gokarna

6 Fun Things To Do On A Trip To Gokarna Beach

6 Things to do in Gokarna Beach Trip

Are you looking for fun activities on a peaceful beach? If you’re wondering so, you can consider a trip to Gokarna, a pristine beach town located in Karnataka near Bangalore. It is a popular tourist attraction for the people of Bangalore.

If you’re searching for an ideal destination for a getaway from the city, Gokarna is perfect for you. A trip to Gokarna beach offers an enticing place to unwind and relax. You can visit there with your family or friends. It is also fantastic for a solo trip. Both types of accommodation are available in Gokarna. If you prefer to stay near the…

Kudremukh Trek in Chikmangalore

Explore The Spectacular Kudremukha Trek In Chikmanglore

Life is itself a journey! It becomes more thrilling and adventurous when we explore new places and things. The Kudremukha trek is one of them, where you can explore captivating places, view and have an exciting adventure. A fantastic hiking destination located in Karnataka of South India, a perfect blend of the beauty of lush green meadows everywhere that gives the serene forest view. Discover the perfect blend of serenity and thrill with the Kudremukh Trek In Chikmanglore.

In Kannada, the meaning of Kudremukh is the horse’s face. This name has been given due to the unique shape of the peak. It is also known as Samseparvath historically as it is taken from…

savandurga hill trek

Savandurga Hill Trek to make your Vacation Memorable

Savandurga Hill Trek an Unforgettable Trip:

Savandurga hill trek is one of the challenging treks famous for its scenery and Savandurga climb. The visitors can enjoy the beautiful sights of the Manchanabele, Magadi and Thippagondanahalli reservoirs. Due to the defensive structure, the Savandurga trek is also known as Savinadurga. Various rulers have ruled over Savandurga hill. Under the rule of Magadi rulers, Savandurga hill or Savandurga fort, was the secondary capital. Later, Dalavayi Devaraja, the king of Mysore, occupied the place during 1638 and ruled over Savandurga hills till 1782.

Places to Watch at Savandurga hill trek

Let’s discuss the places you would love to visit while Savandurga…